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Owen Bredan, regional sales manager Africa

With proudness we introduce Owen Bredan, regional sales manager Africa. Owen is stationed in Nairobi, Kenya. Being a lead expert in cybersecurity, Owen gets invited as a lead speaker or panel member on various cybersecurity events throughout Africa. Whenever possible we will post a link to his contributions.


IT’s Teamwork and start cooperating

IT’s Teamwork and agreed to cooperate in promoting the BusinessITScan in the business network of De BusinessITScan measures and improves the business processes and ICT in the organization, using six IT success factors. Read here the full article (in Dutch)

DARKReading virtual Event

Tom Breuker and Erik Zevenbergen participated in a panel discussion about ‘New Security Strategies for the Cloud Services Environment’. This was part of the DARKReading virtual event at 12 December 2018. Listen here to the webinar.



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