Your cyber security in the right hands

Who we are



We see a world where every organization can uphold themselves in the cybersecurity battle.


We use all our knowledge and skills to make the best solutions available for every organization and support them upholding themselves in the cybersecurity battle.

What we do


Cybersecurity is a common topic on the news nowadays. supports. We assist your security team, or take the technical and functional security challenges out of your hands.

Through we provide training. Either official product training, or a tailor-made training suiting direct business needs.

The world of cyber security is reigned by fear. We act from strength. Let us join forces in the cybersecurity battle. En garde!

How we work

To maximize value with security tools for your business, it’s important to continuously align the security monitoring & response and the security strategy. developed the following approach with proven success:

  • continuous improvement by aligning your security strategy and your security monitoring & response
  • continuous delivery of use cases where priority is determined by business value


  • Q-Scan: What goes well? Where can we improve?
  • Q-Wins: low hanging fruit
  • Q-Assurance: continuous improvement, continuous delivery (CI/CD)


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