Your cybersecurity in the right hands

Welcome offers professional security services. Skilled staff are scarce and expensive. You want to be compliant, your data protection to be taken care of and to increase the ROI on your security solutions.

To help fill the gaps, we offer you the following:

  • QRadar Professional Services
  • Carbon Black Professional Services
  • Managed Security Service Provider for both Carbon Black and QRadar
  • Security Operations Centre as a Service
  • Data Protection Officer as a Service
  • Information Security Officer as a Service

Mission & Vision

Mission wants to deliver the best Professional Security Services possible for the benefit of our clients, especially in scarce areas of expertise. strives to make the best solutions available for the whole market.


Vision believes that every organization should be able to reduce risk by optimizing security intelligence.



Q-Musketeers, specializes in IBM QRadar™, makes IBM QRadar™ available for the SME market with QRadar on Cloud.

Running QRadar on premise? Optimize your ROI by applying our 3Q-approach.


C-Musketeers specializes in Carbon Black, which is widely regarded as one of the best endpoint protection solutions currently available.

  • Cb Response is an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tool for companies with their own SOC specialists, proactively looking within the organisation for incoming IOCs related to new threats.
  • Cb Defense is a next generation AV solution: a combination of EDR and prevention. This will stop malware, but also file-less attacks (non-malware attacks).
  • Cb Protection is a Default Deny whitelisting tool. Widely used for single use applications, which must be fully shielded. These include ATMs, cash registers, SCADA environments, large server parks and data centers.


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