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Boundary protection (North South traffic)

With the NextGen Antivirus solution from threats are discovered based on behavior rather than static data, reducing risk for e.g. zero-day threats. Our NextGen Antivirus has no negative influence on the performance of endpoints.

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Network Traffic Analytics (East West traffic) uses Network Analytics & Response to ensure an unbiased and detailed registration of all network communication. Deviant behavior is detected at an early stage, prioritized and presented in a dashboard.

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Correlation and searches

We use SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) to search, correlate and analyze your log data and flows within your ICT infrastructure. The root cause of a possible threat is determined, sometimes using artificial intelligence. This enables you to take countermeasures quickly.

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Monitoring & Response

With our light Security Operation Centre (SOC) services we offer you 8×5 triage and incident response.

Findings are also used to align with your security strategy.


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